Again I lose my post.  I’m beginning to get the metaphor.  Breaking down daily details, experiences…into something new, fertile, greater than the sum of its parts.

I could tell you I am rebuilding the old compost pile I once kept active, but then left to fend for itself.  I could tell you about the worm farm I made from the worms I bought at Farmer’s Market.  But not everyone I’ve told has been that interested.

The direction of this blog is still unfolding.  Obviously the Universe isn’t particularly interested in my details.  But the things I’ve been writing for myself, what’s going on around me and within me, has been my compost pile.  Using my experiences, memories, information, the lessons from my life, I am discovering a richness, a wisdom, a fertile new beginning.


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  1. You found worms at the Farmer’s Market? Where? I’m doing my weekly pilgrimage there in the morning and want to buy some worms. You don’t think it’s too hot for them, do you?


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