Characters welcome

A new intention with my writing group.  I will begin another month of novel writing.  Last November I participated in NaNoWrMo…National Novel Writing Month…and produced 55,000 words of a loosely defined novel.  I’m feeling the need for that kind of pressure again.  And this being the beginning of a month and the beginning of the second half of the year, it’s as good a time as any.

So this morning I spin with ideas.  The only character I really know well is me.  Everyone else is just what I have deemed them to be, based on my experience.  It drives me nuts.  What is real?  What is just my overactive imagination?  What is worth trying to capture in words and what should be left as essence?

I started this blog wanting to see the words I put out into the Universe (whether anyone reads them or not)  Who do I tell you I am?  Who do I want you to know?

In a few minutes I’ll go work in the community garden program with teens.  That’ll take me out of my spin!!  But also give me information.  I will watch detached.  Not letting it always be about me.  I need the experiences to know others, yet I find it impossible to escape the ego.  Perhaps at best I can stop fighting the idea and learn to make it my friend.  Welcome the characters that are part of “my story.”


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  1. Posted by MelissaInk on July 1, 2010 at 9:19 pm07

    Happy July 1st! Good luck with your novel 🙂 I’m off to fulfill my intention right after this.


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