Writing topics

Last night our writing group tackled two ten minute timed writing topics, one after the other in Natalie Goldberg style…The first topic was “I used to think…”, and the second topic was “I never thought…”  Draining.  And then we shared.  One writer said, “I’m tired of writing about thinking.”

So the third topic is one we have successfully tried before. “Once upon a time…”   Time limit of two-three minutes, then pass your notebook to the person on your right.  Repeat around the circle.  It lightened the mood.  And gave us new silly stories.

Come join us if you’re in the neighborhood.  We start with a check-in around the room, do three timed writings, and share (although you are free to pass).  Some people need time before they want to share.  Some aren’t in a mood to share.  And some like the practice of using their voice with others.  We end by stating an intention for the week.

If you don’t make it to the group, check back here next Thursday for some more topics.


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