Finding Your Voice

I posted a quote from E.B. White on FB this morning and watched the comments from friends.  It makes me want to offer an activity. (OK, so I’m still a teacher.)

Take a favorite quote.  One that really resonates with you.  Then do a ten minute timed writing on it.  This is a stream of consciousness thing.  Don’t pick up your pen.  Don’t reread.  Don’t edit.  (that’s an awful lot of don’ts, sorry)  Just let the pen do the talking.  And push on for the full ten minutes even if all you do is rewrite the quote over and over.  Something cool will happen.  You are assimilating the quote.  Running it through your experiences.  Finding its place in your life.


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  1. Posted by becky on July 11, 2010 at 9:19 pm07

    reminds me of a word i learned within the past six months or so — midrash. some is (are?) technical exposition of scripture, but some is just personal response to scripture. i’ve done some of that, a long time ago, before i had a name for it, and have been thinking i’d like to get back into the habit. thanks, Laura.


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