Writing Alone and with Others

Last night’s writing group.  Four ten minute writing topics.  “Describe your inner brat.” “What holds you back?”  “Invent a new holiday.”  It was a quiet group.  Only a few people  shared.  There was one new writer and two others who had been away for a while.  Maybe we needed to just write alone in the presence of others.

For the last topic I read a quote by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin with the suggestion to just write whatever it evokes.

“We are one, after all, you and I, together we suffer, together exist, and forever will recreate each other. “


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  1. Posted by MelissaInk Designs on July 23, 2010 at 9:19 pm07

    I am curious if the ones who don’t share are annoyed by the ones who share or are relieved that others are sharing. I just appreciate you always sharing – so unless I feel like my stuff is really off the mark awful, then I read. Also, maybe the topics were all a little on the heavy side this week? Who wants to admit to being bratty and to what’s holding them back? I know I came across something surprising in the latter exercise and certainly wasn’t willing to say that stuff aloud 🙂 The bratty part, though, oh, she is a bit of a snob but also a bit hilarious 🙂

    I was thinking it might be fun to have a piece of art and do a free write on that or maybe listen to some instrumental music and write on that. I remember doing a painting exercise in elementary school where the teacher played four pieces and we were to paint whatever came to mind while it playing. Gosh, that was 20 years ago, and I still remember it vividly. Maybe I’ll mention it to Susan for this week.

    Enjoy your people watching this week!


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