Processing my recent trip to Mississippi, I am drawn to four specific statues.

William Faulkner is on the square in Oxford.  He sits on a bench as if in conversation.  I sat with him for a while, listening for his wise words.  It was quite powerful.

The second, entitled Mentor, is a teacher and two students.  It  is located to the side of Ford Theater on the campus of Ole Miss, where one of the Obama-McCain presidential debates was held.

Next was the statue of James Meredith, the first African-American to enter Ole Miss.  Governor Barnett stood in the doorway to prevent his entry.  One word is engraved at the top of each side of the portal:  Courage, Perseverance, Opportunity, Knowledge.

The final statue is Gandhi, located on the Millsaps College campus in Jackson.  This was my undergraduate school in the late sixties.  Although this statue was not here then, his presence surely was.


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  1. Posted by Ginger on August 1, 2010 at 9:19 pm08

    Enjoyed your comments on this part of your trip. Thanks for sharing.


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