Games for Calming Down

Spinning thoughts?  Overwhelmed?   Need a new idea or two?  Try one of these.

I am a word nerd.  But it is easy to get stuck there.  Too intense.  Too analytical.  Too obsessed.

1.  This morning while writing in my journal I got restless.  I was spinning on the words.
I broke the setting by getting up for more coffee.   On the way back to my journal I picked up a dictionary from the coffee table, opened it and chose a word at random.

Patroon n. the owner of landed estate with rights to levy taxes and fees.

Ah. I haven’t sent in my taxes for this quarter.  A little doable task to take me away from my word-spinning angst.

2.  In Oxford, Ms. I went to Square Books.  I was looking forward to this, but immediately upon entering I was overwhelmed.  I wandered through the aisles of books hoping to calm down, but the agitation just got worse.  Something about this setting was upsetting.  I left.

I went down the street to the Ajax Diner, entered and sat down.  When I looked over the words on the menu, that anxiety was just below the surface.  I needed to make a choice, but I was too stirred up.  So I asked the waitress for a suggestion and took it.

What was going on with me?  I pulled out my sketch pad while waiting for my order and began drawing what was in front of me.  No words for my journal.  Just pictures.  Now I’m not that great at drawing, but that wasn’t the point.  The salt shaker, the hot sauce bottle, the little container of sweeteners…Ah…my mind was calming down.  The more I focused on adding detail to each object, the calmer I felt.

Calm the thoughts…calm the thinker.


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