Exploring Time

I have much to do today in preparation for the weeks ahead.  I will finish reading Cutting for Stone so I can prepare to facilitate two book club meetings this week.  Perhaps then I’ll begin working on this semester‘s syllabus for the alternative certification seminar for intern teachers.  And of course I’ll need to go to the grocery store.

But there’s something else my heart is longing for today.  A connection from a different time, perhaps.  I bought Eudora Welty’s book of Depression era photographs of Mississippi, One Time, One Place when I toured her Jackson home last week.  I had seen a traveling show of these photographs several years ago and they touched me deeply.

In the picture “Wildflowers,” two girls face the camera.  Only the younger girl, the one holding a bouquet of wildflowers, looks directly into the lens.  It’s as if I know these girls.  They could have been my students from the first year I taught in Canton,  Ms.  That year was 1973, not the mid 1930’s of the picture.  I will sketch this picture to become present to it.

Maybe this is part of this year‘s back to school preparation.  To reconnect with the experiences of my past.


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