The Search for Truth

I was on a fact finding mission last week and one place I visited was my undergraduate college in Jackson.  First impressions told me it had changed.  More modern buildings and landscaping, an iron fence around the perimeter, tributes to major donors.  Where was my little liberal arts, hippie school?

I walked toward the two classroom buildings I knew.  I remembered the science building having “Ye shall know the truth…” inscribed above the main door.  It wasn’t there.  That was weird.  Did I just imagine that?  How (and why) would one go about removing an inscription set in stone?

I kept looking for my past, as I remembered it.  There were a lot of distractions that weren’t fitting.  I walked to my old dorm and passed a student, her arms full of books, a bounce in her walk.  Ah…this looks familiar.  The young innocent preparing to take on the world…


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