Who can work in all this heat?

It’s been a week of no rain and 100 degrees here in the sunny South.

Although Lynda’s peanut butter fudge and the return of two wandering scribes were welcome beginnings, Wednesday’s writing group met in a room that was just plain hot.

We started with Melissa’s suggestion to write fragmoirs,  short descriptors  as if for a FB status or  tweet, but we weren’t sure how to tackle this.  I read several examples and then we wrote as many as we could in five minutes, in hopes  that a couple would be worth reading aloud.  It was a great warm-up exercise…

However, warm was not our problem.  I offered a topic from Natalie Goldberg’s book Old Friend from Far Away.  A ten minute write on mashed potatoes.  Nothing too heavy in all this heat, perhaps.  Well, I was having a hard time staying focused.  Yeah, I wrote about mashed potatoes.  But every so often I would rant about the heat.  That bugged me.  Then probably fueled the anxiety fire.

OK one last topic.  I take a different approach.  Write about a cold memory for ten minutes.  Maybe I can trick myself into a different mindset.

The sharings were very descriptive, pulling us in through our senses.  Maybe the setting actually stimulated that.  For everyone except me.  Instead of just letting it inspire me, I was busy trying to fix it.


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