Day 1…

Last night I attended an Interfaith Meeting at the Muslim mosque.  A dear friend was in charge of the meeting and I went to support what she is doing in the church community.  The first person I saw as I stepped into the church was Akylah, an enthusiastic seventh grader who was in the community garden program this summer where I volunteered.  I knew she was a Muslim, but it didn’t occur to me that our paths would cross at her church.

The program ran smoothly with an agenda and an awareness of time.  A property standards city official,  a community policeman,  and a neighborhood watch captain all spoke.    It was encouraging to hear how people in my city are addressing specific problems.

The mayor was to address the meeting, but he didn’t come.  Twenty minutes into the meeting a candidate running against him this fall showed up.  His address was also about how he was addressing problems.  I was grateful for the time limits.

Then Interfaith asked for volunteers for an upcoming mayoral event they were sponsoring.  Gulp.  I felt a boundary go up.  I know the volunteer overload feeling all too well.  I support this group’s mission.  But I can’t volunteer for this event.

Why not?  Because I already have worthwhile projects I’m invested in.  I don’t need to feel guilty.  They are not needing specific skills from me.  I know I can be a valuable volunteer.  But for me, being a valuable volunteer means not overextending myself.  Using myself wisely.

Writing Topic:   Where  and when do you feel overextended?

At the end of my daily posts I am including a writing topic.  It is a topic  I am exploring for myself, based on life around me.  I invite you to join me.  It’s nice to write with others, even when it feels like you’re writing alone.


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