Times They Are A-changing

Day 3…

Change happens.  Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”  Powerful quote.

But what change do I want to see?  Heaven on Earth?  What does that mean? Can we really visualize this change?  Or maybe we just want everyone to “behave.”  What does that mean?

One of the “strands” I am to continue to address in my education intern seminar is Cultural Diversity.  What does that mean?  Respect for other?  How do we do that?  Do we respect ourselves?  The ones closest to us?  Our own “culture?”

The local school board is proposing sweeping changes for a system that is losing students and money.  Some schools will be closed.  Some new ones will be built.  A lot of students and teachers will be involved.  How does this news affect what I offer my beginning teachers?  How does this relate to Cultural Diversity?

Writing Topic:  My Vision for Change


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