The Writing Connection

Day 4…

Yesterday I posted the two Natalie Goldberg topics that ground me.  This morning, after writing morning pages (see Julia Cameron’s The Artist Way) I still needed help beginning my day.  So I gave myself twenty more minutes and addressed the two topics.

What’s going on with me?  My classes start this week and I finished the syllabus last night.  Ah, but I was only finished on paper.  Ideas were still firing inside my head.  Along with a pretty impressive thunderstorm outside my bedroom window.

I am not a separate entity.  Everything is connected.  My writing is helping me “see” that.  Over and over and over.

This morning was cleared to do some soul work.  I don’t even know what that means.  But for me, right now, it means I am paying attention to connection and realizing it’s an ongoing practice as more thoughts, words and experience are added.

What will we learn in class this semester?  The syllabus is obviously only a beginning.

Writing Topic:    Connections


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