The Dream Connection

Day 5…

Last night’s dream.  I’m in my class, but my supervisor seems to be running it.  She has an idea for an involved field trip and the preparations prior to that, but I don’t seem to know what they are.  I watch, assist where I can and hope that I will know what to do.  But I feel frustrated.  This is my class.  Why am I not in charge?

Hmmm.  Today is the first meeting of the college seminar I facilitate.  This is my fourth year to teach this class, and in these four years I have had three very different supervisors.  The one I have now is the one I have had the longest.  Usually on the first day of class she comes, along with the students’ supervisors, to begin the semester by emphasizing the expectations of the college.  It really isn’t my class that day.  But today she’s not coming.  She’ll meet with them next week.  Today it really is my class.

Perhaps that is the where the dream was leading.  The dream reviewed where I have been.  I wake to a new day.  Are dreams connecting me to my vision?

Writing Topic:  Dreams


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