Sell Your Cleverness

Day 8…

There’s change in the air.  The temperature was in the 60’s this morning when I let the dog out.  Ah…

Yesterday I stayed at home and read.  All day.  It was wonderful.  Maybe I should do this the rest of my life.  Today I will meet with two different groups of women, but there’s a part of me that wants to not show up and continue what I was doing yesterday.  It seemed so right for me.

The first group is writer friends and the second,  teachers.  What will I experience with them?

Rumi says sell your cleverness; buy bewilderment.

My smug little cocoon with books lets me feel like I’m in charge of what goes on around me.  And sometimes I do need to pull away, slow down, be more deliberate.  But then sometimes it’s just my clever way of avoiding the rest of the world.

Today I will take what I experienced yesterday and watch how it shows up in the world beyond my walls.  Today I will buy bewilderment and be amazed.

Writing Topic:  Cleverness


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