Come Together

Day 10…

The morning is overcast.  My day begins unclear too.

I’ll take a couple study guides to church for Amanda.  This afternoon I’ll go to Su and Curt’s Hurricane Katrina exhibit.  I’m connecting with pieces of me…Amanda, the teacher preparing for certification exams.  Su and Curt, the artists sharing their experiences. 

The more I learn of myself, the more I learn of others.  The more I learn of others, the more I learn of myself.  The in and out of spirit.  The extrovert and introvert finding connection.

There are dueling rallies in Washington.  Glenn Beck and Al Sharpton are sharing their interpretations of Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech as seen through their experiences.  Wouldn’t it be heavenly to learn of each other and ourselves from this?

Writing Topic:  The Day Ahead


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