Getting Ready

Day 11…

Another day.  Another opportunity.  For what, I wonder.  What new or different idea could I be a part of ?  Does that sound too grandiose?  It’s not meant to.  I’m giving up trying to save the world.  Today the slogan Think Globally, Act Locally is about getting my act together.

I could clean up the room that holds my craft and teaching supplies.  Nothing HGTV could make a show about.  Just organize it enough to make it easier to find what I need, when I need it.  The first session of Renzi (an afterschool art and academic program) begins today.  I’m leading a class called “Creative Problem Solving.”  (We teach what we need to learn.)    This class will need creative supplies, and I have those.  All over the place. 

Maybe I’ll even find some neat stuff for an activity I haven’t even thought of yet.

Writing Topic:  A New Idea


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