The Best Laid Plans

Day 12…

My Big Idea yesterday was to organize the craft room, but I didn’t get to it.  After I posted the Big Idea, I took the garbage carts to the curb, swept the driveway, filled a trash can with pine straw, and hauled the leaky backyard hose to the garbage cart on the curb.  All because I heard the garbage truck on the street behind me and remembered it was Monday.

Well, I reasoned when I went back inside, I have the giant 100 piece jigsaw puzzle with the 44 presidents and the plan to let each of the four different little classes of 3-6 kids put it together without talking for today’s lesson.  (It was, by the way, hysterical, quiet, and so much fun!)  I didn’t need a clean craft room this week. 

So today I again wonder what I’ll accomplish.  Organizing the creative supplies isn’t even on my list.  There are several appointments.  A new book to read.  Some paperwork for tomorrow night’s class.  A walk.  That’s enough.  I need a little time for the unplanned projects that are sure to appear if I’m paying attention.

Writing Topic:  Paying Attention


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