What’s That Mean?

Day 13…

The day stretches ahead.  I don’t have to be anywhere until 5:30 tonight.  Ah… Being with too many people or for too long can overwhelm me.  Why, I wonder.  I’m an introvert. What’s that mean? 

I was big sister/assistant mother growing up.  Roles around other people that I took very seriously.  Then I was a teacher/mother/single parent.  Again roles around other people that I took very seriously. I was exhausted.  What’s that mean? 

I really just wanted to be a friend.  What’s that mean?  I didn’t know how to be much of a friend to myself.  I was bossing myself around, and analyzing and criticizing everything I did.  Yuck! I’m no fun.  

Little Laura, my tiny inside self offers a suggestion. “Let’s play.”

Writing Topic:  Playing with Friends    


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  1. Posted by Ginger on September 1, 2010 at 9:19 pm09

    Playing with Friends:

    At my age, I LIKE to play/relax/just-be-myself! I can do that best when I get away from home and spend time doing things that I enjoy. If I am going to play with friends, I think one of the best ways is to meet my friend/friends at a bed & breakfast where we can have a weekend getaway. We can sit around talking or playing cards/games or writing or reading while we enjoy our favorite beverages and snacks. Or we can go walking or window shopping or whatever suits us at the moment. We can order in a meal or go out to eat. We can just be together… no unnecessary expectations placed on each other.
    What do you think? When is a good time for you to get away?
    Let’s set a date so it will happen! Let’s just do it!


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