Day 15…

Something’s up. I can’t put my finger on it.  There was a lot of coming and going in my dreams last night.  Places I’ve been, people I’ve known.  I begin my morning routines:  scribbling three pages in my journal with my first cup of coffee, taking a shower, getting dressed and going to the computer.  It’s the way I daily ease back into the world. 

This ritual will be disrupted soon, as I begin visiting 65 interns in 65 different classrooms. Transitions can make me nervous.  That taste of the unknown.  But how will I continue to grow and learn if I stay tethered to the same routine?

Calling myself a writer gives me  a reason to explore new settings.  Routines can get too safe.  By the 29th and 30th year as a public school teacher I was feeling restless. I felt restricted by bell schedules and lesson plans, even as I continued to bring new ideas to the setting.  I needed a change.

That was nine years ago.  My part time teaching jobs offer more flexibility and a chance to observe and try out new ideas in a variety of settings.  But every year when school bells sound again and school zones slow down the traffic, I remember that safe classroom routine.  And for just a little while I wish for earlier times.

Writing Topic:  Changing Settings


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