I and Thou

Day 16…

Martin Buber’s I and Thou has been on my radar for the last day.  I go to the library to check it out.  Alas, the library is closed for the labor day weekend.  Not a problem.  I head to the bookstore with the coupon I received just the other day.  With these “clues from the Universe” I probably need to own this book anyway.

Well, the bookstore didn’t have the book, so I found another I had to have, The  Know-it-All:  One Man’s Humble Quest to Become the Smartest Peson in the World by A. J. Jacobs.  And then I picked up 501 Tips for Teachers at a bargain price.  It’s time to get out of here.

I hurry home to begin reading even more books.  (I’m currently reading Mary Karr’s Lit and Barbara Ueland’ s If You Want to Write.)

Buber’s I and Thou was what I thought I needed to connect with myself and the world.  Maybe I didn’t need the book.  Maybe I just needed the awareness.

Writing Topic:  Connecting


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  1. Pick up Buber’s book.. It is wonderful.


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