Take Care of Yourself

Day 17…

A lazy Sunday morning.  Fall is in the air.  It’s a day to just enjoy being here.  The Sabbath.  A sabbatical.  A rest from the normal routine.

Natalie Goldberg stood in front of us, the first meeting of my first workshop with her, and said,  “I just want to tell all of you to get up and run out of here right now.”

Yikes.  What am I getting into?  Little did I know.  Which was probably a good thing.

Deep writing can be hard.  Just when you’re enjoying the amazing stuff your pen brings forth, voila, a really yucky thing surfaces.  Where did that come from?  I need to hide these journals before they fall into the wrong hands.  I feel so ashamed.  How do face these feelings?

Natalie encourages sitting meditation and walking meditation with her intense writing meditations.  Julia Cameron advocates walking and artist dates, in addition to her three journal pages every morning. 

Watching how we handle ourselves when this scary stuff arises can teach us much about ourselves.  Do we wallow in the guilt, find others to blame, ignore the whole thing?  Or do we look for ways to move through the uncomfortable awareness by taking better care of ourselves and the Universe in which we all live? 

Maybe the Sabbath is a good day for that.

Writing Topic:  The Sabbath


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