Imperfect Child

Day 18…

I just moved my latest post to trash.  That’s what it was.  Dancing around what I really wanted to say. 

It was about fear.  What we fear.  I began my own ten minute writing and knew immediately.

I fear messing up.  I fear making irreparable mistakes.  I fear making a fool of myself.  I fear not knowing and feeling like I am supposed to know.  I fear being misunderstood.  I fear not trying hard enough.  I fear not being good enough.  I fear losing control.  I fear having power.  I fear people depending on me.  I fear repeating mistakes over and over.  I fear not being able to help others.  I fear I could go on.

I know, welcome to the human race.  Just listing those things makes me feel more normal. 

Now, your turn.  Oh, and find a way to share it.  That’s important.

Writing topic:  What I fear



One response to this post.

  1. Posted by MelissaInk Designs on September 6, 2010 at 9:19 pm09

    So funny. I just made this list the other day. Our lists are very similar – wish it was just public speaking and heights 🙂


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