Second Grade

Day 20…

I spent three hours this morning in the second grade classroom of a teacher friend.  She has taught 20 years of fourth and fifth grade and now finds herself with seven year olds.  I’ve been there, done that and remember the tricky transition.  So I asked if she wanted help translating to simpler language, directions, expectations, emotions…the list goes on.

The children were adorable, even as they struggled with multi-step directions, a loosely structured classroom, and an assortment of workbooks, notebooks, and textbooks crammed in their desks.  I saw their constant chattering, dancing around the room, needing to go to the bathroom, and, yes, crying as reactions to being overwhelmed.  It made sense.  When I was teaching full-time, my reactions were similar.

“I want to take some pictures of Ms. Cobb’s awesome second graders,” I told several of the more active children and got out my camera. 

Bingo!!!  That trick still works.

Writing Topic:  Inside the head of a second grader


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  1. Posted by Teresa on September 12, 2010 at 9:19 pm09

    Laura, love the pics of the students, how awesome to help in that classroom. Whenever I get tired of my job, I just go hang out in a classroom. Our Early Head Start “students” are under three’s but you can see the wheels turning if they don’t yet talk well.


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