Creative Goal Setting

Day 25…

I planned to teach Creative Goal Setting at Renzi today, but when I considered this concept and the younger children I teach, it seemed too abstract, even with art supplies.  What is time to them?  What is their experience with imagining where they want to be?  Or even how to get there?  The more I tried to develop the lesson, the less I believed it would work.  

I stopped the planning for others and tended to this lesson for myself.

What was the goal setting I was having trouble with?  Ah, I needed well developed characters for the story that is stuck in my head, and I didn’t know how to proceed.  I made some notes on what I wanted, drew a flow chart and the ideas started unfolding.  Then somewhere in the middle of all this creative brainstorming, I had another idea.

One for the children.  We’ll work on creative character development too.   The images started flying.  Begin with a generic boy or girl.  Add magical powers and super skills this character possessess.  Then consider the fears he/she might have.  How does our magical character handle these fears?

It sounds so doable.  I’ll begin searching for generic kid templates and gather my supplies as soon as I finish here.  I’m back in creative kid mode.

Writing topic:  Developing creative characters


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