Developing Characters

Day 26…

Working toward full disclosure, I now present children’s interpretations of my directions from yesterday afternoon’s class. 

What I believe I said to each class:  Here is a blank person.  Add what you think he/she needs to be complete.  Also add special powers this person has.  But these special powers need to be for good.  They can’t be just destructive powers. 

First class.  Little free spirit kid.  He spent much time coloring.  When I asked what special powers his person had he said, “We haven’t decided yet.”

He did add a cape, something  coming from his eyes, and a red dot in the middle.  He just wasn’t yet sure what they did.

Third grader.  This person could shoot fire from his fingers.  I remind him to make it a useful power.  He draws a campfire and lights it. 

I saw a pattern with the younger children.  Anyone with special powers must look like a super hero.  I told the next class that even though this blank person has special powers he/she wants to blend in and look normal. 

This student is new to our program and obviously wanting to please me.  He drew a little guy whose fingers plant flowers.   And when he stomps his feet, the leaves shake off the trees, which is particularly useful at this time of year. 

I’m wondering what special powers he is keeping to himself at this point.

Finally, the last class.  Were my instructions improving?  Or was it because the children in this class have been in classes with me for the last four or five years?

Yep, this picture looks like her.  And what I know about this amazing child is she is definitely in touch with some of her special powers and knows how to use them for the good.

Writing Topic:  Special powers


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  1. Posted by MelissaInk Designs on September 14, 2010 at 9:19 pm09

    I don’t even like other people’s kids, but this was very sweet. I want super powers!


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