It’s All Connected

Day 27…

Monday I presented a lesson about thinking creatively for my afterschool children.  Yesterday afternoon and this evening I am presenting lessons on higher order thinking skills for my 65 beginning teachers.  And twice this week I am in the classroom of a friend whose class size doubled on Tuesday.  

Last night and this morning I led our book club discussion for The Art of Racing in the Rain, a wonderfully creative book about human beings from the perspective of a dog.  Monday I wrote with one of my newest writing buddies, and tonight I’m bringing my original writing buddy to our writing group. 

Watching as these characters parade past me this week, I’m beginning to see the novel I want to write.

Writing Topic:  Watching the Parade


2 responses to this post.

  1. Fantastic! Gather them up and start building your float.
    I’ll be one of the spectators breathlessly watching for your glorious float, hoping to catch some of your beads and doubloons as you all go sailing by. 🙂
    As you said to me just the other day, “Write on.”


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