Write Your Own Story

Day 28…

In last night’s writing group, Melissa brought note cards and journals for us.  Write your own story, they said.  This morning as I review yesterday’s activities and lessons I see that it does all come down to this.  We are the authors of our lives.  As much as we want to give the power to someone else, our lives are what we make them.

I tell people I want to write a novel and everything around me is experience and information to do what I claim to want.   So write your novel, Laura.

Yesterday I challenged my secondary school beginning teachers to offer their students lessons encouraging “critical thinking.”  According to Bloom’s taxonomy this is the deeper thinking of analysis, synthesis and evaluation.  Several teachers began complaining about how hard this would be. 

“Well, yes,” I said, “if they haven’t been challenged like that before.” 

After class I realized my lesson was the one I wanted them to teach.  And it is hard, especially for those of us who aren’t regularly challenged like this.  OK, I recognize the need to walk in their shoes as we learn this lesson together.

Everything I write is part of my story staring me in the face.  It’s my choice how I want to use the information.  Do I like how it’s going?  Is there something I want to change?  What else would I like to try?

Writing topic:  Writing my Story


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