Five Years Out

Day 30…

Just finished the Race for the Cure in my sixth pink shirt.  The location has changed due to its success, but I missed the trees this morning.  Walking on the parkway road was HOT and not necessarily in a good way. 

I remember my first walk, a month after the diagnosis.  Seeing that crowd of pink was overwhelming.  I panicked and just stayed at the site.  My teacher friends walked for me.  But every year since we have walked together. 

This year my faithful teacher buddies had signed up, they weren’t able to get to the site because of the crowd.  Hmmm.  No sign of panic from me this year.  I walked with three other friends, not teachers.  Two writers and one I did kindergarten choir with back in the seventies.  She and I talked of the present, as her husband mounts a political campaign I’m very interested in.

Life moves on.  And I’m still in the game.

Writing topic:  Beyond survival


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