The Broken Truth

Day 33…

In the afterschool Creative Problem Solving class yesterday, I read Old Turtle and the Broken Truth by Douglas Wood.  

from the book jacket:

…People discovered a powerful truth that gives them strength and happiness.  But they do not see that their Truth is broken and incomplete.  And because they do not share their Truth with other peope and other beings, all the earth begins to suffer…

A Little Girl journeys to the ancient wise one known as Old Turtle and says, “Where I live, the earth is sore, and people are suffering.  People say it has always been this way and will never change.  Can it change, Old Turtle?  Can we make it change?”

Old Turtle tells Little Girl the truth was broken.  The turtle says, “It is the lost portion of that broken truth that the people need, if the world is to be made whole again.  The Broken Truth, and life itself, will be mended only when one person meets another–someone from a different place or with a different face or different ways–and sees and hears…herself.  Only then will the people know that every person, every being, is important, and that the world was made for each of us.”

Writing topic:  The Whole Truth


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