Inside Classrooms

Day 34…

I looked at yesterday’s post to see which day of the writing project I’m on, and there were the pictures of those two adorable spirits, working so hard to fix the Broken Truth. 

In a little while I will drive to Mansfield Elementary to observe three classrooms.  It’s one of the best parts of my part-time job at LSUS.  I facilitate the two-semester seminar for interns, alternative certification students working to be licensed to teach, in their last year of a three-year program.  To be considered an intern, they must be employed as a full-time classroom teacher. 

They have a supervisor from the college who formally evaluates them, but I also visit each of the 65 interns in their classrooms once each semester.  

I watch how connected the students and teacher are.  That’s where I believe the most effective learning takes place.  Is it a safe place?  Are students and teacher alike respected?  Does everyone know what is expected of them?  How is the uniqueness of each individual handled?  Is it fun?  You know, stuff like that.

The “fun” part for me is to lose myself in the class.  To become one with the room.  How do I feel being a student in this class?  How do I feel as the teacher?

 Writing topic:  Classrooms


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