Woman in the Mirror

Day 35…

The other day I was in the dressing room at Penneys.  That can’t be me in the mirror, I think, it looks  like my mother.  Uh oh.

Then last night’s writing group began with a check in of our week.  This is when we  address the intentions we set the week before.  Mine had been to do ten-minute writes on characters I was considering for the elusive novel.  I didn’t do it.  Uh oh. 

But I DID work on character.  All week.  I just didn’t do ten-minute writes.  I was Cooper (and his mom and me) eating his smashdog and drinking his smashwater on Sunday.  I was every student (and myself) putting together the Broken Truth in the afterschool classes on Monday.   I was sixty-plus interns (and myself) discussing effective lesson planning in our LSUS classroom.  And then I was five specific interns and their students (and myself) as the planned lessons unfolded in their classrooms.     

I was me  (and the twenty images) I took a few minutes ago, trying to get one that wasn’t too shaky, had a blinding flash, or showed too much of me.  No wonder I’m tired.  Ten-minutes writes would have been easier.

Writing topic:  Who am I now?


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  1. Sounds like a creative exercise.


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