A Healthy Dose of Fear

Day 38…

Earlier this month I listed fears I struggle with.  I hoped that by naming them they would go away altogether.  It didn’t happen.  Bummer.  It did, however, help me feel better about them.  Maybe we all need a little fear in our lives.

I have a fear of messing up, of making mistakes, of not knowing.  Do these serve as reminders to keep me paying attention and not getting too complacent?

I have fears of being misunderstood, not trying hard enough or not being good enough.  Are these fears to challenge me to seek understanding and push my potential? 

Then there are the fears of having too much control or too many people depending on me.  Are these the fears to teach me how to let go?

Writing Topic:  Fears revisited


One response to this post.

  1. and all this fear is teaching me forgiveness…for myself and for others.


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