Teaching over Time


Day 53…

Write what you know.   Advice for writers.  It’s certainly a good beginning, and a good place to come back to.  NaNo is next month and I have been struggling with what to spend 50,000 words on.  Ah.  Write what I know.

Ten years ago, after retiring from thirty years of teaching, I wrote a manuscript about my classroom entitled Paying Attention in Class.   That was interrupted as I turned from writing about classrooms to journaling through the grief following my only child’s suicide.  

For the last four years I have worked with new teachers in an alternative certification program at a local college and my writing now centers around children and classrooms. 

Write what I know.  I can revisit  the idea of Paying Attention in Class, through the eyes of a beginning teacher, as well as one with thirty years experience.  It could be interesting.  For me, at least.  A longitudinal study of sorts.  What have I learned?

Writing topic:  What have I learned?


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