Evolving Thoughts

Day 77…

Another “flexible” day.  Two elementary classrooms to visit, one third grade language arts class and one second grade math class.  Two completely different teaching styles. I sit to the side, watching, the kids as much or more than the teachers.  How’s the lesson connecting?  Is there “no child left behind” in this class?  Such a challenging standard.  But we are called to be teachers.  Can we continue to hold that ideal in our awareness?    Lesson by lesson, child by child, as we assess our effectiveness.  No wonder I was tired after thirty years of teaching. 

Now I work with beginning teachers.  Do they yet realize the challenges that lie (lay?) ahead?  Did I?  Would I have continued if I had known?

I like the new MSNBC commercials.  Their hook…Lean Forward.  Sure, they are one of the more political news stations, but they are not saying Lean Left or Lean Right.  It’s Lean Forward.  Am I moving forward, or backward, or am I just treading water?  It’s something to continue to assess, lesson by lesson, person by person.  Who knew life could be so challenging?

The whole point of being alive is to evolve into the complete person you were intended to be.   Oprah Winfrey

Writing topic:  Leaning forward






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