Day 78…

Sometimes life just gets in the way.  Today there were no schools to visit or classes to teach.  I could read and write all day.  I wanted to take a leisurely fall walk in Norton Art Gallery’s gardens.  I needed to finish The Namesake, this month’s book club selection, in time for Tuesday evening’s meeting, and I’m in the middle of another book I’m anxious to get back to.

But late last night Deborrah called.  Leah’s mom died Wednesday night.  Visitation is today from 5-7 in Minden, thirty miles away.  The funeral is tomorrow at 11:00 in Minden.  Well, Leah’s been my support through the death of Carlton, and then my dad and mom.  It’s my turn.

I’ve called four teacher friends.  At least two of them, plus me, will drive over to Minden around 4:30 this evening.  I wrote 1500 words on my Nano novel, not quite an average day’s worth.  And the walk I took was not through the lovely art gallery gardens but through the neighborhood to Albertson’s for necessities:  bread and milk and dog biscuits.  I haven’t opened a book yet.

If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.   attributed to several

Writing topic:  Making God laugh


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