The Cycle Within

Day 125…

Yesterday I went looking for light…lots of it…My plan to stave off the darkness of the Winter Solstice.  Of course it was a bright, sunny, record-setting 81 degrees outside.  I really didn’t need to look very hard.

However, I stayed for hours in my “art” room (some day I will feel confident enough to take the quotes off that room.)  Making light pictures.  

First I made Christmas trees from the yard art down the street.   Then I made a spider web from shiny crochet thread.

Then around four o’clock I crashed and the darkness found me. So I went for a ride in the car.  As I drove around crying, trying to figure out how to fix it, trying to trace what caused it, I realized…this is my cycle and this is how it feels.  And I was OK.

To learn of my cycles, to watch them, listen to them, feel them…and not be scared.  This is who I am.  Light and dark.  Up and down.  In and out.  Wholly Laura.

Writing topic:  Cycles


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