Riding with the Resolutions

Day 139…

New Year’s Resolutions:  To continue writing morning pages.  To allow the practice to take me deeper and higher than I can now envision.  To trust the process.

Yesterday I sat in a doctor’s waiting room for an hour and a half, watching the room empty until it was just me and another patient.  That was several hours after trying to give blood for my semi-annual lab work.   Trying to give blood…I drank a large glass of water the night before and again in the morning, with no food, but it took four sticks to get “almost” enough blood.  Argh.  (Note to self:  Drink more water, regularly)

I didn’t take time to do morning pages until after the lab work, and even though the experiences were opportunities for anxiousness, I was not upset.  I felt the stirrings inside me, what could have been agitation, but I named it energy and I just watched my response to it.  Cool. 

I chatted with both lab technicians trying to get my blood–it’s law that a technician can only make two sticks and then someone else must try, which meant waiting for fifteen minutes until the second technician got to work.  Ok.  I can read the book I brought with me.  Cool, again.

I also had my book in the doctor’s waiting room, but there was so much activity going on in the room (an ob-gyn clinic) that I felt the anxiousness when I couldn’t block out the activity to read it.  I watched the stories around me instead.  For the third time, cool.

Is this where my resolutions are taking me?  Do I dare say “cool?”

Writing topic:  Resolutions, again


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