Processing Grief

Day 144…

When I experienced great grief, I also received an intense vision of light.    Is this a naturally occurring  equilibrium?  Adrenaline to get me through?   A denial of the darkness?  Isn’t it the phenomenon I regularly revisit? Isn’t this what guides me through the grief process, as I cycle between anger and depression by way of bargaining?   Is this the gift of hope?  The idea of heaven?  How does this work for others?

Writing topic:  Hope


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  1. Posted by Jan Krouskop on January 10, 2011 at 9:19 pm01

    Thanks, Laura, for sharing your blog with the wider world. I am enjoying it so much.

    I have only, just now, had the courage to write about the grief experience (slow reactor) and what a grace note to see that you had a few recent words to say.

    You’ve inspired me to try writing morning pages again and we’ll see what happens. The writing group continues to evolve with several published folks, some wannabes and folks like me who write to clear their minds of the sentence frag\ments and memories that won’t leave my head otherwise. Maybe I can find or start a group that wants to write in a group, as yours does.

    Here’s to a year of good writing.


  2. thank you for the kind words…hope you’re doing well…i hold you in my heart


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