By Whose Authority?

Day 150…

I begin today’s blog with an elusive idea about authority.  Telling of my hippie years with the authority struggle.  Quoting important sages like Gandhi and Bettelheim.

There’s a knock at the door.  It’s 7:30 in the morning.  Through my kitchen window I see “heavy equipment” parked in front of my house.  Hmmm.

I answer the door.  A man in a camouflage jacket, holding a clipboard, (the man not the jacket) asks if I have a telephone pole that needs removing.

“I don’t know.  There was some work done in the fall, installing underground wires.”

“Well, do you need the trees trimmed?”

“I don’t know.”

Another man approaches.  But he doesn’t know much either.

“We’ll just go look if that’s all right.  You don’t have any dogs, do you?”

Only the little yappy one I’m holding back with my foot, while I talk to these guys through the partially opened front door.

Now they are in the backyard.  I hear a chain saw.  I guess the trees needed trimming.

Funny.  This old hippie didn’t even think to question their authority.  Not something I was that invested in, I guess.

Writing topic:  Authority


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