Day 152…

Second semester began yesterday for me.  I was eager to try out some ideas I’m having to see how they transfer into other areas of my life.  I facilitate the intern seminars in an alternative education program–students with a degree (or two or three) who come back to take education courses, certifying them to teach.  These interns (now in their last year of a three-year program, teaching in their own classroom during the day) are transitioning from student to teacher.  I’m hoping we can use what we know of ourselves as students to become really effective teachers.

Last night I told the elementary interns (grades 1-5) about my plan.  They smiled and nodded, much like their own students do on the first day of class, wanting to please the teacher.  Then we brainstormed the areas of their teaching that need more attention, ideas, and support. 

“Classroom management”

“Effective small groups”

“Teaching a wide range of abilities”

“More creative lessons”

“Good, good,” I said, as I listed them on the board.  “These are great.  We’ll reflect on our lessons, analyze and assess what they mean for us, the teachers, and consider how to use this new information in subsequent lessons.”

More nodding and smiling.

We’ve got a lot to learn.

Tonight the secondary interns meet (grades 6-12).  They will not all nod and smile.  There will also be some slouching, some time watching,  and some trancing out.  Much like their own students.

Nothing is secure but life, transition, the energizing spirit.          Ralph Waldo Emerson    

Writing topic:  The energizing spirit


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