The Creative Name Game

Day 158…

An easy lesson for today’s afterschool class. 

First class–several kindergarten and first grade boys.  Second class–two second graders(one boy, one girl) and a kindergarten girl.  Third class–a fourth grade girl, fifth grade girl and seventh grade boy.  Last class–one twelve-year-old girl with learning and emotional challenges.

A straight line is drawn to line up the letters…a little piece of masking tape is applied to the back to keep the letters from shifting…

Only one letter is used at a time as we must share with our classmates

The completed name is then colored, cut out, mounted on construction paper.

First class–I got everyone started, then worked on my own name.  Everyone finished, talking quietly about their work as they proceeded.  Second class– I showed them how to do it and went back to my own work.  Again everyone quietly discussing what they were doing as they finished.  The second grade boy helped the kindergarten girl.  Third class–I showed them how to do it and again went back to my work. There was much conversation about school and computers and television shows, while the fifth grade girl finished and the fourth grader and seventh grader were able to finish tracing their letters and begin coloring. Last class–The twelve-year-old want no instructions. She looked at my work and began tracing letters (I had drawn a straight line for her.) She didn’t use masking tape, even as I suggested it, then scribbled over the traced letters with markers.  I encouraged her to take her time, as I colored over her first letter neatly.  She then colored the remaining eight letters of her name neatly.  I cut it out, and she mounted it on the construction paper.

I knew each group would be different, so I watched how we participated.  A good time was had by all.

It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows.       Epictetus

Writing topic:  How we learn


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    Gotta love the Tweens.


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