Listen to the Children

Day 168…

I began a second blogsite last night…  The “about” page says

One of the last things my son said to me in a phone call before he took his life was, “Mom, listen to the children.” 

What was he trying to tell me, the dedicated public school teacher and loving mother?  Why didn’t I ask?

My plan for this blog is to daily post something with the intention of mindfully addressing that request.  For Carlton.

 As I feel creative energy building, I want positive ways to use it. 

Today there is a dusting of snow on the ground and the temperature is in the 20s.  But I know that under the ground there is a stirring.  Spring does return and I’m planning to be a part of it…sharing it through Carlton’s voice.

Writing topic:  A child’s voice


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  1. Posted by mamaquinn on February 4, 2011 at 9:19 pm02

    I quit my job Wednesday bc our Headmaster would not follow through checking out a family before he admitted them to our school. I was worried about a little girl I evaluated. She had a broken arm and would not tell the office staff what happened and only looked at her father. He gave not explanation either. While we were playing I asked if her mother brought her and she said no, that she was home in bed. I asked if she was sick and she told me that her father had broken her mother’s arm like hers, but had taken her to the doctor. The Headmaster actually said, “You believe what 3 year olds tell you?” I said yes! And I always will. I will always be an advocate for children, but not at that school, until he is gone.


  2. Thank you! This is so powerful and the inspiration will stay with me always! “Children will Listen”, was playing on my laptop at the very moment i was reading this entry on your blog. Best regards, Nico


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