Day 181…

It was hard to get up this morning.  This week has been full and I still have two more days of classes and meetings before I can sleep in.  However, there is an invitation to a birding party Saturday morning in my email this morning.  I really would like to go.  Looks like I’m not sleeping on Saturday either. 

I wrote morning pages with my first cup of coffee.  It was tempting to give up that twenty minutes and just lie in bed a little longer.  But I stayed in my routine, moving me out of bed and getting dressed.  And I got “it.”

I’ve been in classrooms all week observing beginning teachers.  This morning I have three more…a second grade class and two high school science classes.  In order to relate to where they are, to walk in their shoes, perhaps I need to feel a bit of their weariness.  It’s too easy to sit smugly in the back of their rooms with my years of experience and part time work schedule and just observe.  This morning’s experience is to remind me how hard it is just to be present.

Writing topic:  Walking in another’s shoes


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