Playing with Words

Day 188…

       Excuse me.  The word irresistibly has no a’s in it.  How in the world could one qualify for an Irresistibly Brilliant Blog and not know how to spell-or even bother to hit the spell check before “publishing?”  One would think a former language arts teacher would be more careful.  Nah, not yesterday.  Guess I thought I was retired.

Retired…now there’s a word.  To be tired again?  Isn’t that just how I feel at the end of a busy day?  A normal part of the daily cycle?  Or I guess it could mean that the tires need replacing.  Because of course they are also tired… 

OK, today’s Irresistibly Brilliant Blog is finished.  Time to go visit two high school classes.  Then teach an afterschool class of my own.  A busy day.  I imagine I will be ready to retire again this evening. 

Y’all have a good (busy) day.

Writing topic:  Working toward retirement

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