Trail Connections

Day 190…

I was going to see a friend’s new baby this afternoon.   What would I do with my morning?  I could go visit my own baby first. 

My son’s ashes are scattered on the Caddo Lake Nature Trail in Uncertain, Texas.  The sky was overcast, but the temperature was to be in the 60’s, so I packed my camera and binoculars and at the last minute my dog, Princess. 

When I got to the ranger’s station to pay the entrance fee, the lady told me the nature hike with the ranger was just about to begin.  Well, that’s nice, I thought to myself,  but I had planned on a more meditative hike.  However, as I parked my car near the trail an older man, a father and young son, and the ranger were gathering.  Princess and I slipped into the group. 

I’ve walked this trail many times before, but today was different.  Princess loved all the attention from the other people.  The boy’s imaginative commentary added to the conversation, the guide showed us animal tracks in the stream and told of the stability of cypress trees.  I found the violets. 🙂 

At the end of the trail I thanked the guys, mentally making plans to come back in a month to see what had changed.

I never told them about my son.  But when we passed the spot where I stood about this time eight years ago sprinkling the forest floor with his ashes, the sun came out.  For about a minute.  As we passed.  For real.  That was all the meditating I needed.

Back at the ranger’s station I bought a small stuffed bluebird for Graceanne, the baby I would meet in a few hours.  I told her mom the bird was from Carlton.  She understood.

And life goes on.

Writing topic:  The circle of life


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  1. Thank you for including us in your walk. E.


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