Theory into Practice

Day 192…

A busy day ahead.  A busy week ahead.  I look at the schedule of class visits, meetings, and classes to teach and wonder when I will be able to pull away and reenergize.  Perhaps I won’t need to.  Perhaps now I can connect with the positive energy around me without being so deliberate.  Oh, I would really like that. 

Last night sixty people stood in a large room with posters (like a science fair) lining the perimeter.  The idea–the NCATE committee would move around the room talking to us (the teachers and students of the ed. dept) about our particular poster.  Like a science fair.  I was to stand between the field experiences display and the alternative certification display.   OK.  Did that.  The educators and students outnumbered the committee by ten to one.  I didn’t have to talk much.:)  Instead, I talked to the students. We didn’t talk about theory or standards.  We talked about the kids they tutor, the movie Finding Nemo,  how eager they are to have a classroom of their own.  I knew how to do this.

Writing topic:  My place in the world 


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  1. Posted by aspamseesit on February 28, 2011 at 9:19 pm02

    Glad the first round worked out.


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