My Mother the Watch

Day 201…

Yesterday in my rush to get to an elementary school to visit three classrooms, I couldn’t find my watch (red, $10 @ Target.)  I tried the tricks I use when looking for misplaced items:  the more practical way of retracing my steps, the more imaginative trick of asking myself if I were a watch where would I be (otherwise known as be the watch) or my magical thinking idea of walking away and giving it time to reappear.

It was no use.  I couldn’t find the watch and I was running out of time, so  I grabbed the $10 black Target watch my mother had worn.  It actually matched my outfit better.  (Sounds like my mother’s words) This watch has a habit of suddenly stopping, then starting again sometime later.  Oh well.  At the moment it was working and only a few minutes off.  I strapped it on my wrist and dashed out the door.

Several hours later I’m back at home grading online assignments. I notice the black watch on my wrist has stopped.  I thump it a couple times.  Reset it, in case that will jiggle it back into running.  Nothing happens.  I wait, thinking it needs a little more time to remember what it’s supposed to be doing.  Still nothing.  I go back to my grading.

Last night at book club I look down at the black watch that is still on my arm.  The darn thing has started working again and it’s only a few minutes off.

So like my mom to still be challenging my need for control.

Writing topic:  Object lesson


2 responses to this post.

  1. There is a lesson in that somewhere. Did you ever find your red watch?


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