Intimate Connections

Day 205…

Several restless hours in the night.  I was too full of the day’s experiences.  A walk at the park connected me to a dear young friend and an honest conversation.  Ah, so what I’m hungry for.  Further along the path I sat for a while and watched as small children enjoyed the beautiful day. 

Then I went to a traveling exhibit from the New Orleans Museum of Art.  Again I sat.  This time in front of time-honored paintings.  One, “Our Daily Bread” by John McCrady, affected me greatly.  A vibration ran through my body; my lips and fingers tingled.  I sat as long as I could, then got up to walk around.  What was this deep connection?  The bright colors of the painting, the artist, the subject matter.  He is from Louisiana; his subject matter is the rural south.  I don’t know.  The colorful Georgia O’Keefe painting of New Mexico didn’t affect me as deeply, and I love Georgia O’Keefe.  I even knew of the landscape she painted. 

I left the art gallery to be outside again hoping to release some of the built-up energy (?) from the show.  I sat and sketched by the fountain before slowly walking through the gardens to take pictures and reconnect with creation.

But driving back to my house I knew there was unfinished business.  That’s what the restless night was about.

Today I want to get back outside, maybe another art show.  This time with local artists, many with whom I am acquainted.  To look without fear for the intimate connection I’m hungry for.

Writing topic:  Intimacy 


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  1. enjoy your day..Eliza Keating


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