One with the Dog

Day 210…

While sitting in the vet’s examining room this morning (we were only going to get a shot…yeah, right)I noticed a chart on the wall…your pet’s real age.  Lo and behold, Princess and I are the same age…a wee bit over 60…

Well, that could explain why we are so much alike. 

After she’s had a brisk walk through the park with me, we follow it up with some quiet time.  Hers takes the form of a nap; I like to call my time “processing.”

She’s picky about food, snubbing the vegetarian version for the one with a bit of meat shaped kibble along with the vegetables.  And she, too, has put on a little weight since her last visit.

She’s not particularly fond of cats, especially those that slink through the backyard.  I don’t mind them passing through, as long as they don’t stop too long at the birdfeeders.  I’m afraid it’s one of our control issues.

She lies across my lap every morning while I drink my first two cups of coffee and write morning pages, and I’m OK  with that as long as she lies still.  Then she follows me around the house while I’m getting ready for the day.  She’s learned how to keep from getting stepped on, and I’ve learned how to keep from tripping over her.

But her life is a bit less complicated.  All she has to remember is where the food, water and my bed are, and when she goes outside she needs to take care of her business if she wants a Milk Bone.  I, however, have a few more challenges. For example, as I’m typing this blog, the vet’s office clerk calls to tell me that my debit card was left on their counter.  Bummer. 

Writing topic:  Our pets


One response to this post.

  1. Your dog is so cute! 🙂
    My dogs all have very distinct personalities and different likes/dislikes.


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